Gamble On Dance: Friday 13th

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Gamble On Dance: Friday 13th

Friday 13th; unlucky for some. Still, there’s no better day to try out some "compelling and startling" dance made and performed by "maverick performers" than superstitious Friday 13th. It’s always a gamble, going to this kind of do, because you never know which way it’ll go. But if it’s utter, impenetrable tripe then curse that inauspicious day. If it’s surprisingly, marvellously great then that Friday 13th nonsense is just a load of tosh. Hooray!

Outsider Dance presents work from artists working on the fringe of traditional dance practice. Meaning, it may not look like anything you’ve ever seen, especially if all you’ve ever seen of dance is Darcey Bussell in a tulle frock. The pieces will include dance, a "physical event", Johnny Cash, liveart, improvisation, film, operatics, some "unleashing of ideas" and space exploration (no, not the lunar sort).

If you like your art edgy and your movement unconventional then this is one for you.

Falling Wide presents Outsider Dance at the Toynbee Studios on Friday 13 July. Doors 7pm, performance 8pm. DJ in the Arts Bar & Café between 10pm-midnight. Box office: 020 7650 2350. £12.50/£10.00.

Image by Virginie Litzler for Outsider Dancing.

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