Clinton Comes

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Clinton Comes

The O2 is really putting on some astonishing large-scale music events. The venue is quite exceptional - even punters sat behind Barbara Streisand (so they could only see the back of her head) left her concert singing its praises.

The battle with Wembley is clearly well under way as to who is the biggest and best venue - but size isn't everything and at the O2 we're glad to see a programme of free lunchtime events, as well as smaller/cosier things going on at indigO2 - "the more intimate venue" next door to the big top.

We reserve judgement on the O2 beach until we see it, as we're worried that a truckful of damp sand and a few kids from the local estate sounds eerily like our idea of Hell on Earth. But in an absolute masterstroke, the O2 has secured none other than former leader of the free world President Bill Clinton to appear at indigO2. Not averse to a little musical performance of his own (remember that saxophone performance on US TV?), he will be speaking over breakfast and then again over lunch on the 14 August.

Now then - an audience with Clinton is our idea of Heaven, at least for political geeks and fans of the former President (or indeed the next one, with any luck). But whose idea was "Breakfast" and "Lunch"? Surely he won't be munching away on a croissant himself while talking away? Looking back at his track record he could probably get away with anything if he really wanted to, though.

We wonder who might pitch up - long-term mate Barbara to demand he comes to her concert? Mrs C on the tour bus to keep a watchful eye on her husband's antics? A PowerBook-clutching Al Gore come to insist Bill offsets his flights? Or maybe they'll all see him over dinner instead, as long as they pick up the tab. If you're into your recent American political history, have £250-£350 to spare, and fancy a cup of tea and a bacon sarnie whilst listening to the last great President the US ever had, then perhaps you should be there too.

Presidential car image from shanepbk1975's flickrstream

Last Updated 24 July 2007