All Bark, No Bite

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All Bark, No Bite

Mobile phone thieves beware: Londoners are fed up with your antics and they’re not going to stand by anymore. One man in particular is roaring mad.

Russell Clarke, a City worker, was having coffee with his wife and baby daughter at Daisy’s in Walthamstow when a skilled thief approached their table and, using distraction techniques, diverted their attention long enough to steal his wife’s mobile phone. When he realised what had happened, he gave chase and ran nearly 300 metres until he caught up with the pilferer.

Instead of lashing out physically, as many men would do, Clarke unleashed his inner primal beast and let loose with an “almighty deep bellowing roar.” The thief, most likely in a heart attack clinic right about now, dropped the phone and ran for the hills. His next therapy session will be interesting, to say the least.

When he returned to the cafe, phone in hand, Clarke was greeted by applause from customers and staff. We bet he got lucky that night as well. What woman can resist a man’s almighty deep roar? It’s practically a mating call.

Clarke, who is 5’7, said of his actions: “It's not my habit. He was bigger than me. But it's bad form to steal people's phones."

Ah, it’s good to see English gentility alive and well. Next time, perhaps he’ll gently rap the thief’s knuckles with a ruler and then invite him over for tea. Bless.

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Last Updated 06 July 2007