What's for Lunch? Nando's

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What's for Lunch? Nando's

Londonist ask that most pressing of daily concerns: where to go on your lunch break.



Throughout London

Average Lunch Price: £8

Rating: 7 out of 10

With over 50 locations throughout greater London, we’re sure many of our readers know the drill at all-pervading fast-casual chicken joint, Nando’s: decide where to sit and take a number; after deciding where to sit, place your order at the front counter and then sit back down; wait for it to be brought to your table. This model works well except, perhaps, if you’re dining alone and carrying bags.

You’ll also need to decide what spice-level you would like your Portuguese flame-grilled peri-peri chicken to be: lemon and herb (wimp), medium (yawns-ville), hot (water! water!), or extra-hot (yeow!!!). What’s peri-peri? African Bird’s Eye Chilli. More on that can be found at the 'Experi-perience' page of the Nando’s website. And if flame-grilled chicken’s not your thing, well, you’re probably better off elsewhere, but the menu does have a variety of non-poultry options. Not sure how spicy you want your food? Play it safe with your order and then grab a bottle of a hotter sauce at one of Nando’s self-service kiosks, where you’ll also find utensils, napkins, fountain drinks, condiments and the like.

The last Londonist lunch at Nando’s consisted of five chicken wings with a salad (rather than two sides), which proved to be a pretty excellent choice for lunch. The wings were prepared with hot peri-peri sauce with extra-hot on the side for a bit of an endorphin rush.

Photography by Sasha Frieze at Sashinka.

Last Updated 12 June 2007


As a chain-restaurant-hating, chickpea-loving wanna-be food snob vegetarian, I'm not supposed to like this somewhat generic chicken joint. And yet, Nando's impresses even the less carnivorous pallate. They're TWO veggie burger options are mighty tasty, the corn is sublime, and the spicy sauce is actually spicy. The all-you-can-drink fountain soda is music to my American belly. Two green thumbs up for Nando's!


I lived in Portugal for seven years and Nando's piri piri chicken is nothing like real Portugese frango piri piri. It's just spicy chicken, it misses the point and flavour entirely.


Is this a paid review? Sure seems like it. Must do better Londonist.


The only "paid" aspect of this review is that the reviewer paid for his own lunch, which he rather enjoyed and thus wrote an overall positive review.


First of all peri-peri is misspelled: it's piri-piri. "Peri-peri" chicken it's not even a traditional Portuguese dish... So Nando's is a fake... :)
I happen to know this because I'm Portuguese.


It just seems like a pointless article to me, surely everyone is aware of Nandos? - they've been around for years.

And the tone of review makes it come across a little bit 'sponsored by' if you get my drift.


I get the feeling if Chris was sponsored by London restaurants, he'd be a very happy bunny indeed!

really people, are you suggesting he goes and has a bad lunch, with his own money to even things out a bit?


the review did seem pointless, like reviewing pizza express or something - that's why it seemed like you'd got a back hander or something.

you really wouldnt expect a review of a chain unless it was berating it.. and i recall londonist has referenced nando's before.. like when there was that event on the steps of the national gallery and then people were supposed to meet in the nando's opposite... coincidence perhaps or not?

how about a review of pogo next then? they're not a chain & it would be interesting to see an honest review of it