Shock Tartan Victory - Or Was It?

By Craigie_B Last edited 139 months ago
Shock Tartan Victory - Or Was It?

Previewed on here a month ago, this morning London took on Liverpool and Glasgow in the City Vs City 10k.

Based on lowest average time of all runners, Liverpool beat London, and Glasgow beat both of us.

Now, we're not sore losers. No, honest. However - looking at the overall results, London's men ran 8 seconds faster than Liverpool's men. London's women ran an impressive 1 min 28 seconds faster than Liverpool's women. So how come London lost overall? Was there some massive speeding hermaphrodite contingent in Merseyside?

The organisers also let slip to us that that Glasgow's course was flat. London's took place in laps around the hilly part of Greenwich Park, and so involved four massive hill-climbs. Four! How fair's that?! We sense a tartan stitch-up. Humph.Image taken from Addictive Picasso's Flickr stream

Last Updated 03 June 2007