Rubbish Telly (No, Literally...)

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Rubbish Telly (No, Literally...)

There's about to be a whole load of rubbish on Channel 4. And no, we're not talking about Big Brother. It's a brand new show currently filming in Croydon, and it's all about rubbish.

Well, all about people trying to make a living out of rubbish, that is. The 10 contestants in the show moved into the site in Beddington Lane, Croydon, last week and are going to attempt to survive for three weeks using nothing but the rubbish found on the site. And yes, that means looking for food, clothing and shelter. Sounds delightful, doesn't it?

Don't worry about the gross-out factor being a problem though. A Channel 4 spokesperson cleared up that worry:

It's not like they are going through bin bags of nappies and syringes though. This is more about showing the problem that landfill is and basically showing that it would be possible to live off of the things that other people throw away

Environmental groups are excited about the show. As you should be, especially if you live in the Croydon area. Just think - your discarded old junk could be finding new fame on TV! Imagine the glamour!

Image taken from Jacob Whittaker's Flickr photo stream

Last Updated 18 June 2007