Giggling At The Museum

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Giggling At The Museum

In our minds, we don't normally associate museums with bouts of laughter. That is, with the exception of school trips where we desperately tried to keep ourselves amused/awake/alive as some old and dull man in tweed tried to educate us something similarly old and dull.

We were particularly pleased to hear what they're up to at the Museum of London. They've embarked on a hefty two-year gazillion-pound refurbishment of the place and to keep itself ticking over in the meantime, they're now thinking differently.

On 5 July laughterinoddplaces will take over the museum to curate an "adventurous comedy event" with nine acts performing in three different places around the building. You get to choose which act(s) tickle your fancy, which includ Richard Herring, Sarah Kendall, Howard Read or Simon Munnery. Listen to as many as you want - the Museum will be open until 9pm and if you feel like some history, some of the exhibitions will be open too. And ALL this will be free, yes, free. Except the bar and shop, which is too much even for us to ask - although we did try.

So go ahead - with luck you'll be chortling away. Unlike the Natural History Museum in 1986, this time make sure you don't get caught by teacher. More details here.

Image from John Cohen's Flickr stream.

Last Updated 18 June 2007