Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra


? Aircraft carrier in Greenwich (OTT security for the new square?)

? Darwin house withdrawn as world heritage site candidate

? Wannabe tube bomber on the run

? South London supermarket cash criminal foiled

Image courtesy of Baroness’ via the Londonist Flickr group

Last Updated 15 June 2007


I can see the Ark Royal from my window now. :-) That spot on the river is some sort of aircraft carrier parking bay - the Illustrious has been in that spot a few times since I moved in here, and other smaller RN ships. The first time I was really surprised, now I'm almost used to it. Though it does still look very cool.

Boring trivia - the Ark Royal ought really to be called the Indomitable, as it's the same size as the Illustrious and the Invincible, but the Ark Royal name got pulled out as a PR thing. Hence her being very titchy and teeny for an Ark Royal. The old Ark Royal was properly massive but we can't afford to build ships that size these days.