Dinosaur Rampage Through John Lewis

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Dinosaur Rampage Through John Lewis

Well, ish. Don't get too excited.

On Saturday night ITV went to film PRIMEVAL (the sci-fi series) in Kingson's branch of John Lewis - and paid them £5,000 for the privilege.

We're not sure how many actual real live dinosaur models were used (if indeed any, in fact). These days the best dinosaur sequences are sadly worked out in some clever dick's imagination and then straight to CGI - so having a man run in front of a couple of blue screens away from an imaginary monstrous creature just isn't as thrilling, frankly. Anyway, at the end of all the desperate chasing and smashing about, models or no models, there was little left intact of John Lewis's crockery or mannequins. This all seems an effective but rather extreme way of getting rid of that unsold Christmas chintz.

In the hope of good karma (perhaps to avoid this happening for real in future), John Lewis are wisely donating their £5k fee to the rather splendid Princess Alice Hospice. So next time you're admiring that lovely teal Le Creuset casserole dish, it might be a good idea to look behind you. Or to donate too.

Image taken from eürodäna's photostream

Last Updated 13 June 2007