Arnie and Blair Save The World Together

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Arnie and Blair Save The World Together

Governor of California and Austrian ├╝ber-man Arnold Schwarzenegger will be travelling to London on Sunday to meet Blair, reciprocating a visit Blair made to America's most populous state last year where the pair announced a trans-Atlantic alliance to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

Obviously, Arnie has experience of dealing with such global problems before, namely the T-1000, a super terminator that could morph into anything that it had had physical contact with. The T-1000 wanted to kill the young John Connor so that after Skynet had provoked a nuclear war with Russia, the war against the machines would be without its rebel leader and would be ultimately lost by the remaining humans.

Global warming should be a piece of cake.

Could it be that Arnie has been sent from a world 35 years into the future, in which global warming has taken its huge toll, in order to save us all? Is Tony really going to bother himself with discussing climate change when he's about to finish his job? Won't he just be nicking office equipment and clearing his desk? We're worried about all this world leader meeting by Blair, it suggests that he isn't going to go quietly and will still be making a nuisance of himself for years to come. You know, hanging around the UN, reminding everyone of the time they all got really drunk at the G8 and gave in to a campaign started by Bob Geldof. We blame Sarkozy and his crazy "Blair for EU President" plan. Can you think of anything worse?

Last Updated 21 June 2007