Retro Charity Ride

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Retro Charity Ride

Want to race down the motorway from London to Brighton with the wind in your hair, a parka on your back and a classic soundtrack by The Who buzzing in your ears? Perhaps you don't go in for all that reckless mod nonsense and for you the phrase 'my generation' involves less rocker-fighting and more Nintendo-playing? Leave the sixties revival down in the tube station at midnight and get down with the pocket calculator instead!

A group of Sinclair C5 enthusiasts have done exactly this in an effort to raise money for Children in Need. On Sunday, this group of charitable electric easy riders took to the A23 with a top speed of 15 mph and, thankfully, a van following behind with extra batteries and parts for the trusty tricycles' pit stops. In a fun way to raise awareness for their cause, their approximately 12-hour journey undoubtedly perplexed many bank holidaymakers favouring more traditional means of transportation to the seaside.

Our eyes will be on these three-wheeled philanthropists and we hope they plan more events like this in the near future. In the meantime, however, we'll be busy trying to affix no less than twenty mirrors to each of the C5s in the Londonist fleet (Union Jack hubcap pattern optional).

Image taken from What What's Flickr photostream.

By Dave Knapik

Last Updated 09 May 2007