Lucky Soul Competition Winner

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Lucky Soul Competition Winner

Lucky Soul play their biggest gig to date when they fill the lovely environs of Bush Hall with their appropriately sweet, melodic sound in little over a week on 16th May. Tickets for the gig are a measly £7, and can be bought online.

In much the same way that Doctor Who turns on a load of bunsen burners before flicking on a shorted light circuit in a vain attempt to fend off a monster consisting of a blancmange of recessive genes, however, Lucky Soul have tried to fight off Londonist's obsessive attention by giving us a pair of tickets to the gig to give away.

After answering our incredibly difficult question last week, one lucky Londonist reader has bagged these tickets and a copy of the fantastic album, The Great Unwanted. Congratulations, then, to the lisp-unfriendly Hannah Thistlethwaite. Enjoy the gig and savour the album.

Last Updated 07 May 2007