LOL The Cooker's In The Bedroom

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LOL The Cooker's In The Bedroom

Such was the misinformed delighted squeal from the official Big Brother forum today as the first shots of 2007’s house of pain in Elstree were revealed.

Yep, this year it’s all arse about face; the fridge is in the garden, the bath is in the living room, the chickens are encased in glass. "Modernistic sur-reality" apparently. It’s not yet clear where the cooker actually is but we can all be put out of our speculative misery in 8 days time when, like it or loathe it, BB8 invades our collective summer consciousness for a marathon 13 weeks.

It’s not difficult to imagine how the new housemates will spend their first few hours on camera. Cue "AAAAARGH!", "Nooooooooooooooo", "OMYGOD" and "Big Bruvvveeeeeerrr" over each wackily misplaced item, the garish neon panels, the rubbish artwork. Expect paroxysms of glee and peverse anticipation over the mysterious retro telephone and the suspiciously shut blind on the outside of one of the windows.

And, of course, "a source" says there are secret tunnels, hiding places and possible alternative rooms.

When BB started it at least maintained a veneer of social experiment. Just a bunch of people, stuck in a no frills house with very little to distract them bar tactical flirting, smoking and sneaky rule breaking.

Cohort 8, however, look set to have a multitude of distractions designed to provoke and poke their most sensitive and dysfunctional soft spots so we can all look forward to a entire summer of shockingly bad telly. Possibly featuring new sponsor head honcho Richard Branson. Or not. Remember, Big Brother reserves the right to change the rules at any time.

Dammit, it's worse than crack. Get your fix. Many pictures here.

Flyover image of the BB compound courtesy of Dr Moores' Flickrstream

Last Updated 22 May 2007