Ken Goes On And On And On And On

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Ken Goes On And On And On And On

With the ink on yesterday's ballot papers barely dry, Ken is already looking to the next lot in May 2008.

It's been quietly announced that Ken Livingstone will stand again for Mayor next year as Labour's candidate.

Meanwhile the Conservatives scurry increasingly desperately to find someone good enough to take him on. The Liberal Democrats shrugged a bit and then pouted in response to a plea to put forward a joint candidate. Perhaps they like coming third? Even the Big Issue's getting on board.

If re-elected, Ken will be in office until the May 2012 elections. But do we really think he will cheerily hand over the keys to City Hall rather than stay on until the Olympic and Paralympic Games two months later? Perhaps he intends to do a Mrs Thatch and try to go "on and on and on and on"? Looking at the current state of the opposition, it looks like he might just do it.

Ken Livingstone on tube taken from montinit's flickr stream

Last Updated 04 May 2007