Jacko's Luggage Gains More Press Coverage Than He Does

By Craigie_B Last edited 140 months ago
Jacko's Luggage Gains More Press Coverage Than He Does

Heathrow is often a scrum of paparazzi and obsessed fans when a big star arrives, especially from a celeb-fest of a city like Los Angeles. No scrum was in evidence yesterday, however, as former uber-superstar Michael Jackson touched down and breezed through the terminal. In fact, quite the opposite.

Airport staff were more helpful than normal, rushing to carry his nine suitcases. Which is nice. For the Jenny Bonds of the world, he wore a smart, blue-and-white pin-striped shirt with dark sunglasses. His children were nowhere to be seen - but did anyone check the luggage?

This contrasts sharply with Helen Mirren's reception when she flew in after winning an Oscar. Her applause inspired a little tear as she proudly gushed: "I've just had the most incredible welcome to my country. It's very, very sweet." Next time, maybe, Jacko?

Image taken from caribb's flickr stream

Last Updated 23 May 2007