How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Lindsey Last edited 140 months ago
How Does Your Garden Grow?

This Londonista’s grows wild and unkempt, every now and then receiving token, uncommitted weeding and perhaps a going over with a blunt flymo.

Sarah Eberle takes things horticultural a little more seriously, having spent the last 8 years researching and designing her gold award winning show garden for the Chelsea Flower Show 2007. Less a garden and more an astronaut fantasy made flesh in flora, "600 days with Bradstone" is a terrestrial space garden, situated within an imagined dome, on Mars.

Everything in the garden has been selected to physically and psychologically support a lone astronaut spending 600 days on a tour of Mars. One section of the garden is dedicated to feeding our space explorer pistachios and olives while the rear section is where our bold adventurer can chill out by reclining at an angle suitable for the pull of gravity on Mars. A selection of British plants remind the lonely pioneer of home and supposedly help maintain space sanity.

We really can’t do the genius of this garden justice here so take a look at it here and be amazed. Unfortunately, tickets to the Flower Show are now sold out, mainly because a load of students heard that a special licence had been granted for cannabis plants to be grown there. Shame no one told them they’re restricted to the functional hemp producing sort. Still, the fact that the cannabis specimens will not be offered to the public as part of the traditional plant sell-off on Saturday leaves Londonist mildly suspicious.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show closes on 26 May.

Last Updated 23 May 2007