From Here We Go Plastic

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From Here We Go Plastic

Tonight at Plastic People the creator of what is easily this year's best techno album makes his live UK debut. The Field (Stockholm's Axel Willner) will turn Shoreditch sublime with help from Kompakt labelmate Tobias Thomas (appearing in support of his new mix CD "Please Please Please") and Allez-Allez DJs. We've almost fallen in front of many a bus walking around the city lost in Willner's brilliant record. The safety of the club, and its notably larger-than-earbuds sound system, will be a welcome change in the way we experience his selected ambient delights. With a cover charge of only £6, how can you resist? While true that it is a school night, a closing time of 2 a.m. should ensure minimal impact on the Thursday productivity of the capital's workforce. The flyer for the event does say that it lasts until 2 p.m., but we are assuming it is a misprint. If you don't see any new posts here tomorrow, however, perhaps we're still dancing.

The Kompakt label has always been stellar, but 2007 is treating it particularly well. We hope this is the first of many events that local promoters Allez-Allez conspire with them to bring us. Mother always taught us that asking for something outright from people is impolite, if not downright rude, but there's no harm in hinting at what you want, is there?

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By Dave Knapik

Last Updated 02 May 2007