Did You Know... Bendy Buses Can't Reverse

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Did You Know... Bendy Buses Can't Reverse

You may think that the fact that our city's bendy buses can't reverse isn't too much of a problem, it's the going forward bit that we're interested in. It isn't a problem really, until one attempts an overambitious right turn and hits a bus stop. We'll let the pictures do the talking, but the result is basically the longest public transport traffic jam ever, a police presence akin to a riot response and smug looks on the faces of cyclists. Unfortunately, we don't know how the situation was resolved, your guess is as good as ours.


This debacle took place on Rosebery Avenue in EC1, pictures thanks to Peter Kail.

Last Updated 04 May 2007


HAHAHAH take that el bendo!

That will teach you for attempting to kill me on my bike at every available opportunity.


"smug cyclists?" no never.....?!!


debacle, not debarcle.




This happened a couple of weeks ago at the height of the evening rush hour. I was on the bus in the second picture and although I didn't stick around to find out how it was resolved I can confirm that there were a lot of people (cyclists included) sniggering and rolling their eyes as they walked past.


That's rubbish, I work in a bus depot and part of my job, as shite as it is, is to reverse these bendy-buses. They are utterly appalling though and break down all the time.