Breaking (In) News: Crime in London

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Breaking (In) News: Crime in London

Like many a Londoner, you're probably aware that there's a fair amount of crime in this lovely city of ours. In fact, if you're a victim of one of the 917,661 crimes in London in the past year, you're probably shocked to hear that London isn't number one in Britain's burglary league tables.

We're still top five though.

Only Nottingham, Leeds and Hull are more burglary-ridden, according to a new report by insurance company Endsleigh. They also offer helpful advice to prevent horrible people from breaking into your flat and stealing your things; like using burglar alarms, lights on timers while you're on holiday, and window locks. This Londonista can also suggest that you make sure to lock your garden door, thus preventing people from waltzing in and making off with your laptop and various other electronic goods. Not that that happened to anyone we know.


Apparently, Guildford, Swindon and Dundee are the safest places in the country, so if you don't mind the commute (and don't mind living in Guilford, Swindon or Dundee) and are fed up with burglars, you've got a few choices.

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Last Updated 29 May 2007