Croydon Councillors Make Grave Mistakes

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Croydon Councillors Make Grave Mistakes

It's the last thing you want. Sitting down to your cornflakes one morning and suddenly the angry corpses of the long dead come swarming out the ground having been disturbed by some council yahoo unaware of the magic seal he's just driven over in a tipper truck. Chaos, death and hopefully a little gorging on entrails ensues. Exactly what must have been going through the minds of the Norbury residents when they received a letter informing them that Semley Green, land used to bury plague victims back in the old seventeenth century, was proposed to be used as a storage site for local contractors.

Anger, uproar, protest and general dissent followed. So much so that Councillor Shafi Khan is quoted as saying I have never seen such spontaneous anger in the community in Norbury. Obviously those involved in the planning decision have never seen Poltergeist or the odd episode of Buffy. The massed ranks of Norbrarians won out, however, and the council have backed down to seek another less troublesome site for the contractors to make tea. Still, the idea that if chosen, the site could

resemble the Battle of the Somme around here with all the ground churned up and the lorries going deep into the mud

fills Londonist with glee. By chance a mutant plague strain works its way into the ecosystem and suddenly it's all gone 28 Weeks Later. Now can you imagine how much more fun commuting would be as the city folds into decay. Find yourself a good chopper pilot now.

Image from Dr Stephen Dann's flickr photostream

Last Updated 24 May 2007