The Crimea Versus The Eurovision Song Contest

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The Crimea Versus The Eurovision Song Contest

It’s no secret that Londonist loves Eurovision, but we also love up-and-coming indie starlets – and we particularly like to support ones that come from just up the road in Camden, like The Crimea.

So, is it any wonder that we're torn between two options for Saturday 12th May? It’s either going to be dress up like Agnetha and get merrily drunk watching Baltic states give each other twelve points, or we could pop along to Primrose Hill and join in with the Crimea's barbecue, to celebrate the launch of their second album, Secrets of the Witching Hour.

The barbecue kicks off at 10pm, and the band’ll be performing an acoustic set of their new stuff on the hill at midnight. Hang on – maybe we can make it to both after all!

Hear songs from The Crimea's new album on their myspace page.

By Michael Reeve

Image taken from Zimpenfish's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 07 April 2007