London Marathon Mania!

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London Marathon Mania!


Remember those brave/crazy Flora London Marathon runners we talked to last week (click on their names below to read their interviews)...?

Well, they did it!

So, how was it?

Incredible. Exhausting, exhilarating. The crowds were inspirational and somehow spurred me on to a 3 hrs 47 mins finish, which I still can't quite believe & was beyond my wildest Paula Rad-Sloss dreams.

On the final turn into the mall, I overtook Sally Gunnell. The spectators were roaring and I felt like a true Olympian. I can now go happy to my grave knowing I've raced and beaten a world record holder. I also saw a guide leading a blind runner with 'I only asked to cross the road' written on the back of his t-shirt. Fantastic! - Ruth Sloss, South Ealing

The day was fantastic !! Although the weather was so hot and I suffered from cramp at an earlier stage than last year, I still managed to run through it and get a Personal Best of 4:19:34. This was 15 minutes and 1 second faster than last year. The support was so superb, the crowd was excellent. it must be what it's like being a famous person ... but I guess we're all famous for this day!

- Paul Kneeshaw, East Dulwich

My day was fantastic! There are times when you hit the wall and you think to yourself this isn't how it went in training but you just keep going. It was so hot out there and i did it in 5 hours 40 mins - so slightly over the time I was trying for but I'm just so chuffed with myself that I have done it!!

- Stephanie Hay, Romford

The whole experience was absolutely incredible. The hairs on my back were constantly on end as the throngs of people in the crowd created this most amazing special atmosphere. I've never experienced anything like that before. I've also never experienced running 26.2 miles which is the most physically and mentally challenging activity I've ever done. I was also very humbled: the courage and bravery of the runners was unbelievable. The memories will live with me forever.

- Stephen Mainstone, East Dulwich

Absolutely fantastic - I won't lie, it hurt - a LOT but it was completely worth it - all the time and sacrficies made during training were all worth the feeling of running 26.2 miles in the best city in the world with the best supporters.

- Katharine Bowers, SE19

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