London Marathon Mania!

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London Marathon Mania!


Welcome to the first in our short series of interviews with people running the Flora London Marathon this Sunday. If you've ever wondered what makes them do it, read on! More to come throughout the day.

What's your name and which part of London do you live in?

Katharine 'Kat' Bowers, SE19.

How long have you been running for?

Since July last year when I signed up to the Nike 10k RunLondon event.

Is this your first Marathon?

This is my first and still can't quite believe I'm actually doing it in less than a week.

What inspired you to enter the Marathon?

Years of watching it on the television saying "It would be really cool to say I've run it". Once I started running I decided to keep going with a big goal and using before turning 30 as an added bonus.

Are you running for charity?

I'm running for the PSP Association - it's a small little known charity for a disease that is becoming more recognised. I work in a hospital with the leading doctors in the UK for this disease so I see these patients almost every week and know about the disease.

What time are you hoping for on Sunday?

Under 5 hours would be great but if it's as hot as it was this Sunday just finishing it in good health would be great.

Do you have any post-Marathon celebrations planned?

I'm going to have a massage the following day and then a big night out the following Saturday with anyone who wants to join me. I say big, but I've hardly drunk anything since training (last big bender was beginning of February) so I'll probably fall over after one large glass of wine!

Will you be running again next year?

Ask me in a month.

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