Hopelessly Devoted (To Diana)

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Hopelessly Devoted (To Diana)

If you’re into all things Royal, you may have found yourself wondering things such as Where can I listen to ‘Candle in the Wind’ while looking at a stained glass portrait of Diana? or Does anyone own scarecrow replicas of Charles and Camilla? or even Who is Diana’s true number one fan?

The answer to all three is Margaret Tyler and her home in North Wembley. With every available space of the ground floor covered in royal family memorabilia and a room dedicated solely to Diana (aptly named the “Diana Room”), Margaret is now looking to expand upward.

"I think what would make it complete would be a picture of Diana on the ceiling," Margaret, a mother-of-four, said.

"I would like to commission an artist who could do a really nice painting of Diana. I'm not expecting anything as elaborate as the Sistine Chapel."

We shouldn’t think Margaret’s request will be very difficult to fulfill, seeing as she doesn’t have fanciful expectations. If she had wanted the entire saga of Diana’s marriage, depression, in-law problems, romantic escapades and subsequent death painted on the ceiling – well, she’d have to move into a much, much bigger house. That, or find a Jackson Pollack-esque artist who just splatters paint about and then tells you which droplet signifies the Blue Eyeliner and Bowl Cut period.

Either way, we wish her the best of luck in finding her artist. Perhaps Harry’s A-level Art teacher is available?

Photo courtesy of Drift Word's Flickr stream

Last Updated 05 April 2007