Follow that Train!

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Follow that Train!

The ever awesome Urban Digital have been testing a new gadget:

In a follow up to yesterday's post, on the Nokia N95's built in GPS and creating GPS track for visualisation in Google Earth, we thought we would try it out on the train back to Central London.

We should be doing stuff like this, but then who would drink all the beer? Best leave this kind of thing to the experts:

Once the journey was complete we uploaded the route into Google Earth and this time used the altitude of the route to portray speed. This creates an impressive Google Earth path and considering that the phone was merely placed on the seat, rather than near a window, one with a high level of accuracy. Thanks to the N95 i am now also in possession of some great facts about trains - did you know that on the Wokingham to London Waterloo line the average speed is 60.3km/h or that the maximum speed is 120km/h .........

Google Earth fans can check out the route here.

Last Updated 11 April 2007