Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: On Again, Off Again

By Londonist_adrian Last edited 184 months ago
Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: On Again, Off Again

It's Eurovision down-time, and we've been a bit quiet. All the songs have been selected (they're selected early so the CD can be made). Now we're just waiting for Helsinki 2007 to kick off. So what to do during down-time?

You could work out how much it would cost to go from London to Berlin, onto Paris to Tallinn, Helsinki, Prague and Amsterdam as Scooch sing. Fun!

You could try to predict the winner! Loads of fan sites are running polls. We'll be bringing you Londonist previews of the 42 songs in the next few weeks, but if you can't wait, try Finnish TV's song-chooser-ebob-thingy. Apparently we *heart* Spain. They're nice boys, at least.

Or you could reminisce... This year marks the 50th anniversary of the UK entering Eurovision and also our 50th entry (we skipped 1 year, you see). To celebrate this, Chig is counting down all the entries and running a delightfully protracted poll to pick the best UK entrant. Fun!

Last Updated 07 April 2007