28 Days Everywhere

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28 Days Everywhere

Spotted on Falconberg Mews. Hooray for film companies graffitting the roads willy nilly with their viral marketing (!). Have you seen it anywhere?

Last Updated 17 April 2007


behind the N1 centre in angel. I'm all for guerilla marketing like the fleshmobs, but staining the path is taking it too far, even if it is done in virgin's blood.


Just outside Old Street tube station too.


There are 2 in Parker St, just off Kingsway. Just think it kind of defeats the purpose when you can't make out the web address.


I saw it on Old Street, just opposite the 333

james Naylor

yep, another one in Soho, just off Broadwick St...


all over the papers... though that's not really graffiti.

Nice increase in "Clean" graffiti though. Carnaby St's got lots of Wrangler tags that are created by spraying away the dirt.


You can;t see the address properly because they got it wrong (See behindthebuzz.com/?p=129) The correct address is ragevirus.co.uk. Unfortunately whoever designed these used ragevirus.com, which they forgot to buy

Edwin Lyons

That pictures a nightmare for anyone who is red/green colour blind...


Saw one on the pavement outside the Golden Heart pub in Spitalfields - just of Commercial Street.


Hanway Street: outside a spanish bar.