You Get What You Pay For

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You Get What You Pay For

Every so often you hear about a piece of customer service that sounds so bad, you almost wonder if it's made up. Last week, Manne and a friend went to Nude at Ministry of Sound. There were problems with the ladies toilets and the pair left early, a little disappointed with their night. On Sunday Manne's friend sent the club this email:

" Hi,

Just thought I'd drop a line to say how disappointed I was with the state of the venue, specifically the problem with the toilets last night at Nude. We were really looking forward to the night, but from just after we got there at 11.30 til 2 when we left, the ladies toilets were either unusable or swimming in about 2 inches of water with god knows what floating in it.

Put a real dampener (no pun intended!) on the night, and as a result we called it quits and left just after 2am as it was a pretty revolting thought to have to wade through that for the rest of the night.

Just thought I'd pass on the feedback.. "

And this was the reply she received:

"Dear XXXX

Well the VIP customers were happy with their private toilets.

So that's your answer go VIP next time, as the saying goes you get what you pay for!

Regards Angelique VIP Manager"

Charming, eh? More info on Manne's blog.

Now, what's the worst bit of customer service you've ever received?

Last Updated 15 March 2007