Tube Night on BBC 4

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Tube Night on BBC 4

BBC4 love the tube so much that they're making a night of it:

Love it or loathe it, the London Underground has been an integral part of life in the capital for over a century. Arena: Underground is the centrepiece of a whole evening of programmes celebrating the subterranean pitfalls and pleasures of travelling on the tube. Robert Elms presents the evening and promises to drive safely.

We were going to talk about Annie Mole drooling over this kind of evening in front of the TV only to find out she's a part of it:

Key characters from the film... Annie Mole - runs the famous website, a quirky site that became a key source of information on 7 July 2005

Lots of other stuff to watch too, but our top pick is Patrick Troughton and those pesky robotic yeti!

Last Updated 12 March 2007