It's Commonwealth Day?

By Londonist_ben Last edited 141 months ago
It's Commonwealth Day?

.... we mean, It's Commonwealth Day! Hurray! Hurrah? Hmm...

The modern Commonwealth, or as we like to call it, 'Britain's grasping at straws oh bugger the empire's gone tits up club', was set up in 1949 and since 1958, when it was renamed from Empire Day, 'we've' celebrated Commonwealth day.

According to the BBC, the Queen, who these days is played by Helen Mirren,

will urge people to celebrate diversity and find it a cause for strength and unity in her annual Commonwealth Day message.

Also due to appear is someone who found out just how strong the bonds of respect and friendship are across the vast and glorious Commonwealth, Shilpa Shetty,

Ms Shetty is due to be presented to the Queen at the service.

As a gift?

There is no word on how Prince Phillip feels about diversity, to be honest we hope nobody asks him...

Last Updated 12 March 2007