Look After Your Own Gun

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Look After Your Own Gun

Gone are the days when this could happen -

Yob 1: Hello there, Randall! I'm popping down to the library to renew 'War and Peace', would you look after my firearm for me? They didn't like it when I had it last time.

Tob 2: By jove, Merlin! Did they throw you out?

Yob 1: Out on my ear! I wasn't even allowed to take out the compendium of Byron poems that I had been thumbing through.

Yob 2: Not to worry, old chap. You can borrow mine.

Yob 1: Ah, tremendous! Anyway, where was I?

Yob 2: Your firearm...

Yob 1: Ah yes! Would you mind taking care of it? I'll do the same for you next time you go rowing.

Yob 2: Sure thing old man. Have it wrapped and sent to the summerhouse. Toodle-oo!

Firstly, yobs these days are far less eloquent than the famously well read yobs of yore and secondly, that would now be illegal.

Everything's illegal nowadays.

Last Updated 07 March 2007