Di - Another Day (in court)

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Di - Another Day (in court)

Like Michael Myers in skiing goggles the Princess of Hearts just won't rest in peace. And al-Fayed isn't a bad choice to replace Donald Pleasence - similar build and no one believed his ramblings in Halloween... until dead teenagers started turning up.

Jon Snow summed it up rather well in last night's Ch4 News email:

The Diana inquest goes from the bizarre to the very bizarre. The linguistically florid Mike Mansfield QC has gone into bat for the occasionally verbally challenged Mr al-Fayed, whose son was killed. So the jury are already going to be embroiled in one of the most theatrical interpretations of Diana’s unfortunate demise

The Express takes the low road screaming about the MURDER LETTERS:

A CACHE of letters from Prince Philip which led Princess Diana to fear for her life has sensationally gone missing, a court was told yesterday. The letters form a key part of the evidence supporting Mohamed Al Fayed’s claim that the Princess was pregnant with his son Dodi’s child when they died.

So we can expect a lot more of this type of thing from The Standard too.

Can't someone just do a seance? Yvette Fielding maybe.

Better still, just divide the audience at Di-Aid in half and see which side can scream louder - 'murder' or 'accident'.

Last Updated 06 March 2007