Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Drama!

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Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Drama!

Scooch are heading to Helsinki buoyed on by controversy. Every year Eurovision throws up new controversy. Last year, the Finns were nervous about Lordi, with their alleged proto-Satanic lyrics. This year is no exception with 3 entries kicking up storms already.

More alleged satanism this year from Switzerland's DJ Bobo and his song Vampires Are Alive, with lyrics like you're here to surrender with your life. The Swiss Protestant Alliance aren't happy with this, calling the song "a dark and gloomy message from Switzerland" which could lead young people to suicide. Yikes!


Israel's entry Push The Button has drawn criticism. With lyrics like there are some crazy rulers and he's gonna blow us up to biddy biddy kingdom come, it's been seen as an 'attack' (through jaunty music) on Iran's nuclear policy. Eurovision rules forbid political lyrics, but Israel need not worry too much as the song has passed by the rule committee to go to Helsinki.

Ukraine's wonderfully lumpy drag queen, Verka Serduchka, is a cross between Dame Edna and Su Pollard. Of course, if a man in a frock represents the nation, someone is going to get upset. Some campaigners are even trying to stop poor Verka going to Helsinki! Add to that lyrics which sound like "I want to sing Russia, goodbye!" and you've got a right old drama. Apparently though the lyrics are: "I want you to see/Lasha tumbai" - which means "churned butter" in Mongolian. Obviously.

No such problems in Denmark, however. They love their drag queen DQ and her hi-camp, hi-energy Drama Queen song. Just like all these controversies, it's all so fabulously dramatic!

Last Updated 24 March 2007