300 at the IMAX

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300 at the IMAX

You've seen the trailer, read the review, so now all there is left to do is go see the film. May we suggest that you do so at the IMAX?

The UK's biggest cinema screen - more than 20 metres high (nearly the height of five double-decker buses) and 26 metres wide. A 11,600-watt digital surround-sound system. An IMAX projection system (the most sophisticated motion-picture projection system in the world). Working together, these elements immerse viewers in larger-than-life images and ultra-realistic digital sound, making them feel as if they are literally "in the picture".

Just remember to do what King Leonidas tells you and you'll probably live through the screening...

300 at the IMAX opens Friday 23 March. Get your tickets here.

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Last Updated 06 March 2007