Text Controlled Teenagers?

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Text Controlled Teenagers?

Solution to gangs idea # 456:

A group of mothers is using text messages to fight truancy and help keep youngsters away from gang culture. Parents with children at Addington High School in Croydon, south London, took action after a spate of stabbings. If a child is seen out of school their mother is sent a text message alerting them to where and when they were spotted and if they were safe.

What if they're not safe?

Mrs Smythe. Cuthebert is on the Old Kent Road surrounded by bigger boys with sticks. Sending you video message now...

If you really want to use mobile phones to help combat gangs just 'borrow' the phone of your child and switch the ultra hip urban mp3 ring tone with something by Chas n Dave. Then ring it later that night.

The kid will either be too ashamed to ever go out again or start a campaign to get 'Gertcha ' to number one via MySpace.

It's either that or implant them with cutting edge pigeon technology from China.

Last Updated 27 February 2007