Shootings Update

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Shootings Update

Here's the latest news following the recent fatal shootings:

  • Did 15-year-old Billy Cox die because of a text message?
  • Sir Ian Blair will be meeting John Reid to discuss the shootings.
  • Cameron reckons it's down to the fathers and wants powers introduced to "compel" them to look after the kids.
  • The BBC has been testing the mood on the streets:
  • They have no conscience. They think they can just do whatever they like. They bully guys and they carry dangerous weapons... I have seen people with knives. I've been mugged by someone with a knife. Teenagers are going round thinking 'everybody else has a knife, I need one too'... I saw someone pull out a gun in KFC in Peckham because someone banged a table as they passed. Everybody ran into the toilet including a pregnant woman and a woman with a child... They have to offer them something to get off the street.

  • Shadow trade and industry secretary Alan Duncan thinks that it is up to the Tories to "re-civilise" the country.
  • The Daily Mail bought a gun in London within two hours.
  • Here's what the front pages are saying.
  • Image via The Guardian

    Last Updated 16 February 2007