Shiny Awards 2007

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Shiny Awards 2007

We have a couple of favourite online empires; Gothamist of course, who keep the virtual roof over our heads, but there's also Shiny Media who somehow manage to keep a large extended family of blogs running in a very professional manner without ever relying on knob jokes like we do. And when they do take a break from the blogface it's only to host lavish awards ceremonies like the one last night.

Now we go to quite a few bashes like this one, but we don't say much about them afterwards because a lot of the time it's all about air kissing and trying not to punch Nathan Barley in the throat. Not so with the Shiny peeps though. This is probably because they have a healthy disrespect for things even as they hand out an award (Once, not too long ago, LG was best known for its washing machines and rather rubbish mobiles...). Hell, who else would give out WAG, ASBO and Boring but Useful Gadget of the Year awards?

You can see a full break down of the winners here. We won't repeat them all (although we love the idea of this carbon free PC) as we just really wanted an excuse to put up their Cyberhead review:

We were gutted the whole team weren't wearing those last night. You can see LOTS more Shiny Shiny stuff on YouTube here.

Dip your toes into the Shiny empire here, but our favourite has always been the girl's guide to gadgets because we are so in touch with our feminine side.

Last Updated 22 February 2007