Our Tube: Best in the World?

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Our Tube: Best in the World?

Virgin have compiled a chart of the Top 11 Underground Transit Systems Throughout the World and guess which creaking ancient network of tunnels comes out on top? Yep, we're number one!

They do make it sound quite plush:

Cushioned seats. LED time displays hanging from the ceiling in stations indicate the number of minutes you need to wait before the next train. Eclectic station artwork... Oyster cards allow you to touch against a subway turnstile and go — and you can pay as you ride.

The reality of using it every day is quite different of course, but it's nice that even plagued with problems the Tube can still kick the arse of Paris, Moscow, Madrid, Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Montreal, Beijing, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo. But with so many cities around the world having the benefit of much more modern underground systems, we can't help thinking that the tube's iconic reputation has won out over more practical issues. Like getting from A to B without wanting to kill people.

Then again our tube system did show the world how it's done... be sure to check out the story as you're treated to YouTube footage of all the rides.

Unfortunately, one of our fave transit systems didn't make the list; we really miss coasting along underneath Mexico City. Or maybe we just miss being able to travel all week for just a few pence...

Note: The underground pictured above is certainly not London

Last Updated 27 February 2007


I have seen the same type of polls many times, it is funny when you notice the nationality of the company, and the top position.


"Highlights: Cushioned seats"!? Pretty much says it all..


Yeah right! The Tube blows chunks. NY and Paris have much better underground mass transport systems.


I never knew Paris was quite so populous - apparently their metro "aids roughly 1.365 billion people with their daily commutes"


Does it have better on time performance than the other city? Reliable and clean? Good ventilation, not even mentioning having air condition.

As far as I can tell, I get alert every morning, either there are severe delay on all lines or they are 'lack of staff'!?! Great staff scheduling and contingence planning from management. I have a full picnic table behind my cushion seats with half eaten sandwich, empty drink bottles... sometimes, you get cookies crumbs on the seat and plenty of newspaper on the floor. No wonder it has rats running all over the station.

The poll must be done on the first train Monday morning.