Oasis vs Blair

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Oasis vs Blair

Noel Gallagher yesterday did an about face on the reacharound he gave Tony Blair ten years ago and said that the PM hadn't quite lived up to expectations. Isn't it nice when the musical establishment has its finger pressed so hard on the political pulse that they can find the time to point this kind of thing out to us?

"Nobody ever mentions Labour, they mention Tony Blair now. Everything is Tony Blair's fault. You made him into a president, no wonder he acts like one... When the Labour Party got in it was all about children and education and yet 10 years down the line there's people saying that kids are better off in Poland. That's not right"

Cutting stuff. He even said that the Blue Hope, David Cameron, was "no different" from Mr Blair and was "like a songwriter who's eternally ripping off someone else's song".

Something that Oasis would know nothing about of course. *cough* Beatles *cough* TRex *cough*

Blair will probably retaliate by calling Gallagher out in the NME and then release a single to trounce Oasis in the singles chart. Then after he leaves New Labour he can launch a group of animated politicians called Guerrillaz.

Last Updated 16 February 2007