Meet The Horrors

By Talia Last edited 143 months ago
Meet The Horrors

Every once in a while a rock band comes along that thinks they're something special and tries to stir things up. Lord knows the Towers of London have tried their best, but unlike The Horrors they don't have the have the songs to boot.

The Horrors are easy to recognise. For starters, their frontman has taken the name of Faris Rotter and they all have big, black hair, like a motley bunch of Russell Brand look-a-likes...

Today they release new single Gloves and next Monday, their debut album, "Strange House" so to celebrate they'll be popping up in some record stores across the capital. Today they'll be at Rough Trade in Neal's Yard for a signing at 5.30pm and next Monday at Virgin Megastores for a strictly wristband limited performance and signing. When these kids played a record stores last year it got so busy, the police had to shut it down, so whatever you do, don't go down expecting just a shoegaze.

Last Updated 26 February 2007