London Snogathon?

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London Snogathon?



Eight or nine couples snogging for ages - they were cued to start and finish by a klaxon and were being filmed and photographed throughout.


Outside McDonalds, Liverpool Street Station (mmm, nothing like the smell of greasy burgers frying while you're making out with someone).


Today, just after 3pm.


Absolutely no idea - anyone?

Last Updated 17 February 2007

Mark Walley

Saw a man walking down regent's street with a sign saying "talk to me about penises" on Saturday. Was being filmed by at least two people. Everyone else ignored him. If someone could answer me that one too (I'm too afraid to google it).


Was there any swinging going on or all strictly monogamous?


Strictly monogamous I'm afraid...and straight too. Two girls wandered over looking all brazen and stood facing each other waiting for the fun to start, then when the klaxon went off they slowly wandered away again with their heads down.