London Fashion Week Fans Flames Of Thin Debate

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London Fashion Week Fans Flames Of Thin Debate


As London Fashion Week struts onto the headlines catwalk, the debate over whether fashion models are too thin took another thrilling turn when Sasha Wilkins, fashion editor for The Observer Magazine, observed that, no, they weren't too thin.

However, on Saturday, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell, said that, yes, they were too thin.

Somebody somewhere tried to divert the discussion toward the national problem of life-threatening disorders like bulemia and anorexia, and how those afflictions are even tied, paradoxically, to the problems of obesity and overeating, but that person was beaten to death by a mob of media executives.

Actually, Londonist believes that fashion models are not skinny ENOUGH. In fact, we will not be happy until they become literally 2-dimensional, so they completely vanish when they turn sideways.

But more than fashion models, the segment of society we're really worried about is sumo wrestlers. Those guys are required to weigh hundreds of pounds and still expected to be in top physical condition on top that. Do you know what that does to your heart? Sumo wrestlers die before the age of 60. Also we believe that it sets an unrealistic example for the youth of Japan – and sumo fans worldwide – to be 175 kg yet be able to accelerate from 0 to 50 in .5 seconds.

And don't even get us started on those marathon runners.

Last Updated 12 February 2007