Let's be careful out there

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Let's be careful out there

The BBC are reporting that a 15-year old boy was killed just after midnight after two armed men forced their way into his house and shot him in his bed.

"This does not appear to have been a botched burglary," said Det Supt Gary Richardson who is leading the investigation. "I believe these premises were specifically targeted." It is now our job to find out why and exactly who is connected to the house and who the suspects believed they would find inside." The victim's sister administered first aid before ambulance crews attended the scene. "We are talking to the sister, but she is understandably very distressed," said Det Supt Richardson. "However we will continue to speak to her to try and find out more detail as to exactly what has happened."

This follows a fatal stabbing and another fatal shooting over the weekend in the same area.

Elsewhere five people have now been arrested after a cyclist was knocked from her bike while being robbed by a gang on mopeds.

Meanwhile in Mitcham a woman was killed by a double decker bus after it mounted the pavement.

And police are still investigating the shooting at at Streatham Ice Arena that left a teenager dead.

Last Updated 06 February 2007