iPad = iMad + iSad

By sizemore Last edited 142 months ago
iPad = iMad + iSad

Here's a nice follow up to the rubble filled box that was put on the market for £170,000; a single windowless bedroom flat for £210,000:

"KingstoniPad aims to address this by maximising the use of space, minimising environmental impact and encouraging a less car dependent lifestyle."

Or you could just tip a car on it's side and rent that out. At least it would have bloody windows.

And the use of the name iPad is sure to get someone into trouble if Apple ever launch a touch sensitive sanitary towel.

The lack of windows needn't be a problem though. The TARDIS doesn't have any windows and that still looks pretty spacious on the inside.

Maybe a CCTV camera wired up to a plasma screen would do the trick...

Last Updated 19 February 2007