Faulty Points to Blame

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Faulty Points to Blame

As expected it turns out that faulty points were responsible for the train crash on Friday night:

Investigators have found one of three stretcher bars was not in position, one had nuts and bolts missing and two were fractured. The bars join the moving rails, keeping them a set distance apart. Network Rail chief executive John Armitt said his organisation was "devastated" by the report and he offered an "unreserved apology".

The London to Glasgow train derailed at Grayrigg in Cumbria. 84-year old Margaret Masson died and eight others were seriously injured. With the derailed carriages yet to be removed there are obvious travel implications. Some rail services in the area are suspended and replaced with bus services.

BBC executive Caroline Thomson gave an account of what happened from the passengers' point of view:

"It did a sort of bump and then one felt it beginning to move slightly and for a minute you thought it would sort of right itself. For a minute I thought don't worry this is fine. You knew it was something a bit more serious than normal. But you thought it's just gone a bit fast or something and it's fine and it will sort itself and then the swaying became very dramatic... you suddenly thought 'crikey it's off the track'. And there was a moment where it turned on its side when you thought - you know - 'am I going to be very seriously hurt here?'

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