City of Delusion

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City of Delusion

Muse fans are to stage a singalong in Trafalgar Square in June:

The singalong will last from 6pm until 9pm on the day, and all those wishing to exercise their vocals must register with to attend. In March, the site will poll fans to choose which ten songs they will be singing. For more information and to register go to The Muse singalong is being held in aid of Devon charity The Helen Foundation.

Alternatively this could be a cunningly disguised anti-war protest. The crowd could theoretically hold London hostage indefinitely by refusing to shut the fuck up until all our troops are brought home.

We're pretty sure that an off key continuous warbling of Knights Of Cydonia would bring the government to its senses much quicker than say a one man protest by a dandified ex-boxer with an Optimus Prime style rig scrawled with anti war sentiment:

Ex-world champion boxer Chris Eubank has been bailed after his arrest for an alleged breach of the peace while protesting in his truck in Whitehall. He had been driving his truck bearing a banner stating: "Blair, don't send our young prince to your catastrophic illegal war to make it look plausible."

Our young prince? Oh... he means Harry. We were confused because he didn't use the recognised title of 'Cockling, third in line to the yokes around our necks'.

Not sure that will get the soldiers undeployed (that's not a real word is it?), but I bet Channel Five are sniffing round Eubank for a new reality show even now. Just drop him and his truck into a different war zone each week and watch the warring factions miraculously stop killing each other as they all turn their weapons on Chris. It's a big truck. You could fit Muse in there too.

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