Bunch of savages in this town...

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Bunch of savages in this town...

Our favourite story today (not because we hate firefighters, but because it's so bizarre):

A FIRECREW was pelted with rocks as they tried to put out a blaze late last night. Gravesend fire station sent the crew to a burning pile of rubbish in Dering Way, at 11.15pm. The crew was trying to put out the fire when they and their machine were pelted with rocks by a group of teenagers. No one was injured in the incident, although the station's fire engine did sustain some damage.

So a gang of 30 kids started a fire to lure a fire-engine out with the intention of stoning the crap out of it and the firefighters. That's fucked up. Have our youth finally gone feral?

What next? Improvised road side devices to take out ambulances?

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To be honest, I don't think that's particularly new - in the mid eighties, my uncle - a fireman in Brixton - was called to a fire, only to have the local kids try and shoot out the fire engine's tyres with an air rifle. They didn't manage (apparently those big tyres on a fire engine are effectively bullet proof).


Ah sure kids have been doing this in Dublin, Liverpool and Manchester for years. Particularly around Halloween: steal a car, set it on fire (preferably in the center of a housing estate) then pelt the fire brigade with rocks and petrol bombs when they come to put it out. Hours of fun.