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Hold on to your soft bits because this story is awwww-inspiring.

A tiny puppy found dumped in an empty cardboard box by the roadside has been fostered by RSPCA staff.

Awwww! And he's only six inches long!

The puppy, named Stanley by staff at the animal centre in South Godstone, Surrey, lives with an employee as he is too small to stay in the kennels.

Too small! Awwww! And he was found in a Cadbury's Mini Animals box! Awwww!

The RSPCA warned people they could face a jail term for abandoning an animal.

But as we all know the jails are too crowded right now, so maybe when someone hurts a cute little ickle furry thing we just hang them.

Or crucify them.

Davina McCall could host a live crucifixion each Friday night on Ch 4. It'd only be a sideways move career wise.

And don't you think Cadbury should sponsor the little tyke? Buy him a house or something. Isn't he cute? Awwww!

Last Updated 02 February 2007