The 5th London Flickr Scavenger Hunt

By Hazel Last edited 144 months ago
The 5th London Flickr Scavenger Hunt

Well, the last London Flickr Scavenger Hunt back in October looked like a lot of fun. If you missed out last time or had so much fun you want to do it again, here is your chance: the 5th London Flickr Scavenger Hunt is due to take place on Sunday 11 February, 2.00pm to 5.00pm.

This February scavenger hunt has a little twist - this time, the hunting and searching and running around pointing a camera at things will be carried out indoors in a location that won't be disclosed until the day of the hunt itself. If you're a London photographer who likes a challenge, and you want to have an afternoon out with like-minded people, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Taking part is the same as before: you join the Flickr group, put your name down for the hunt, wait to be assigned to a group, then prepare for a day of happy snapping, solving riddles and finding the answers to the cryptic clues set by the hunt organisers. The clues as well as the location of the hunt won't be disclosed until much nearer the time so it is a matter of putting your name down and waiting for instructions. You will need to be available for the whole scavenger hunt period; joining is free and all you are required to bring with you is some enthusiasm, team spirit and a bit of imagination. And a camera.

See London in a different light while peering through a viewfinder, meet new people and be part of something that has the promise of prizes and "the ill-advised usual piss up at the end." Sign up, take part - then tell us all about it.

The 5th London Flickr Scavenger Hunt, Sunday 11 February 2007. To find out more and to enter the event, go to the Flickr group here.

Last Updated 16 January 2007