Shopping For Baby Names

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Shopping For Baby Names

Naming babies after where they were conceived or where they born is slightly embarrassing. If the former, then it's rather too much information to present strangers with your child Pizza Hut Fire Escape. If it's the latter then there is the risk of bringing up a child called Minicab or Somewhere Between Car Park and Maternity Ward. Risky though it is, sometimes it can just about work in the child's favour.

32 year old catering manager Anita Baidoe has named her son John Lewis after going into labour in the branch of John Lewis in Brent Cross shopping centre. The boy made his appearance about 8 weeks before he was due, incidentally while his mother was looking for a suitable baby carrier in the shop last month. Staff were extremely helpful and quick to spot that Baidoe was in a bit more trouble than simply "hot and bothered." Sam Quartey, Baidoe's partner, was called to collect her but it was clear she would need to get to hospital quickly as she was going into labour.

John Lewis always promises reliable and efficient home deliveries but this was perhaps taking customer service much further; Baidoe was rushed to Northwick Park hospital and gave birth to John Lewis Quartey after ten hours labour. The staff at the Brent Cross branch of John Lewis were so pleased at the naming, they sent flowers and an imprint box for imprints of the baby's feet. Which is a rather extreme way to get a free gift with your shopping but probably not as unpleasant as having to purchase a minimum of two overpriced lipsticks in coral and pastel shades in order to get a free washbag and comb from the posh make up counters at the front of the store.

Lucky that Baidoe had decided on a baby carrier from John Lewis. Though we would have enjoyed this heartwarming tale much more if the kid had decided to come out of the womb in any one of the following places:

Beard Papa

Fat Face



Brent Cross Shopping Centre

Spunkmeyer's Bakery and Deli


Suggestions for other shops suitable / unsuitable for a child's name most welcome in the comments box below.

Last Updated 25 January 2007